Top trending phones of week 15

Top trending phones of week 15

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro has kept its top stop for a second week in a row after reclaiming it from the vivo V9 for the last edition of the chart. Xioami always keeps its position in a stable state for their best budget devices. They had also introduced MIUI 10 which is the great rom in my opinion and many bugs are removed and you will get a smooth UI experience. But sometimes I prefer the googles stock rom. as all components are arranged very perfectly and give nearly zero lags experience.  
So, the top rank phone first position will be the Xioami redmi note 5 pro at a price of 17k.

The Huawei P20 is in the runner-up position, while the Asus Zenfone Max Plus completes the top three – yes, the same top three as last week.

The vivo V9’s downfall continues this week – 1st spot two weeks ago, 4th last week, now into 6th. The Redmi Note 5 and Galaxy J7 Prime have benefited and had each moved one up into 4th and 5th respectively. The Xiaomi Mi A1 didn’t ride that wave and has stayed in 7th.
The Galaxy S9+ has inched ahead one spot into 8th where the Mi Mix 2s used to be, itself has now gone off the Top 10. A bit surprisingly, the Galaxy S8 has returned to the chart – is there a sale running somewhere that we don’t know of?
Another new entry, or rather another re-entry, the Oppo F7 has nudged the Honor 9 Lite off the 10th spot.

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