Should children be given more freedom?

Should children be given more freedom?

1. I will say Yes.

Yes, it’s freedom that’s utterly necessary

Freedom is meant by someone can do whatever they want in their life as long as they do not against law. Nowadays, many parents do not trust their own children and some of them take an action by controlling their children’s lives and also their activities. This is not the best way for children because it makes they feel stress and it may lead them to do crime and vandalism. So, children of today should be given freedom for their own benefits.

Firstly, children should be given freedom to make their own decision in what they want to do in their life. In this way, children know how to manage their own lives and their will learns how to solve any problems that they will face in future. In this case, the parent should give a supports and not just condemn or control them to do anything their want. All children in this world have their own life and they always want the best in their life. For example, children can make their decision to choose their course in university and parents should give big support to them as they know their ability on what they can do and they can accept.

Besides, children should be able to do what they want as long as they did not against the law and their own parents. A parent can admonish their children if they do any mistakes but do not stick them to do something that they like because they also should be given a chance to overcome their own mistakes. For me, parents can control their own child but make sure they can do something that they want to do because a parent cannot treat them as they do not know in anything. Just give them chances to go along with their life and their hobbies or anything that can lead them to manage their life. 
Last but not least, the parent should give their children the freedom to choose their own friends because this will help them how to communicate with others even in different races or gender. Children have their personal possessions to make and choose friends as they know what they need in friendship and parent needs to monitor their children to avoid them to take a wrong way in their life but not shackle their life. So, in this way children will feel that they have their own life and they have a parent that always support them in whatever they do so the relationship between parent and children will become more tide.

In a nutshell, children need their own freedom to make their own decision, do what they want and even choose their own friends. Remember that success is not the key to happiness but happiness is the true key to success. So, if children happy in what they do they will be successful in their life.

2. Yes! Children need to have freedom so they are ready to be alone and free when they are older.

Children are shown as minors to the world, which makes them unstable and not used to being put into the real world. They need to be shown that you are free to a lot of things, though there are a few things off limits. Having freedom allows a kid to be happy and make their own choices, which allows them not to be overwhelmed when they do leave the house. Yes, it has pros and cons but it is better for a child to be free, and allow them to make their own choices. We were all kids once and you should know how it felt every time you stepped outside. You feel free. That’s how all kids should feel all day long.

3. No! No! No!

We give too much freedom!!! They abused their rights. Some students are skipping class, and learn how to use drugs illegally because they don’t listen to their elders. And learn how to argue with their parents. I know they were too young but they also need a strict rule which can lead them to a successful life. Follow your parents not others. Choose your friends wisely…….. Freedom less strict rules more.

4. No, they shouldn’t

Students are our countries future and we should save them from bad things like drugs bad company and even protect them from getting a fall. They need to be taken to the right track which can be done by stickiness and make limits for them. So I don’t agree.

5. Dont Do Cocaine

You see when kids go out they feel like they have more freedom and they can do whatever they want. I have experience with this, my parents let me stay out late and then one day I met up with my boy Watumbo and he offered me a white powder I didnt know what it was he told to sniff it up my nose so I did I got so fucked up I was off my shits I couldnt stop this magical sugar, but one day it all stop, I was outside a bus stop sniffing my sugar and a cop pulls by and arrest me, I went to jail for a while whic was pretty good my friend watumbo came with me and he gave me some good cock meat sandwiches every night and then he’d find a way to dry it off by putting it in my asswhole, I could say being in prison was a good thing, I got free food, free shelter, free education and the best thing free sex:) do cocaine kids it will save your life

6. Children are given too much freedom nowadays

Children are given too much freedom nowadays. There are three reasons to prove that children have more freedom nowadays.
Firstly, nowadays parents have given independence for their children to select and participate in their interesting activities which made them more focused and well organized.
Secondly, another evidence shows that children are given freedom to spend pocket money in which they may buy expensive toys, cigarette, drugs, alcohol and may induce illegal activity at the young age. They cannot concentrate in studies due to the distraction of these activities which affect their future.
Children are psychologically affected in a young age which spoils their future.
Children should be given limited freedom and monitored by their parents often provide advice about the stranger and friends and not allow to send alone to the friend house or far away from the home. With the limited freedom, they will study well and become flying colors in their future.

7. It’s for their own good

Some parents give their children too much freedom, which can lead to getting hurt or lost. Every child wants all the freedom they can get..But why all the freedom? And why not enjoy the freedom your parents give you? Parents are parents, the ones giving their children, simply means that they want to keep YOU SAFE, AND PROTECT YOU. Always appreciate them for what they do.

8. Every parent raises their child in their own way and they make the decisions that they feel are best for that child. Different people choose to live in different ways, and every child turns out differently because of the way in which they are raised. There are some who believe that children should have a limited amount of freedom and that most of their decisions should be made by their parents and other adults in their lives. There are others who believe that children should be given many opportunities to exercise their freedom and to do what they want. Each person has to decide what is best for their children, but there are times when too much freedom can be destructive.
Children who are given too much freedom can feel as if their life is out of control. Children who have the freedom to make all of their own decisions may find that it is scary to be in control of their own lives and they may long to have someone else step in and make decisions for them. Children who are left to make all of their own decisions might long for a concerned adult to step in and show them what they should and should not do. It can be scary for a child to choose all of what they do. It can be scary for a child to have to make all of their own decisions without any help from adults. Giving a child too much freedom can be destructive because of the way that children with a lot of freedom feel scared in regards to their lives.
Children who are given too much freedom can make mistakes that will change their lives in big ways. It can be hard for a child to know what is and is not right, and having too much freedom can lead to a child messing up. A child needs to have someone looking out for them and helping them figure out the best way to live. A child needs to have an adult helping them learn what is good and right. A child who is given too much freedom can mess up their life in a way that will ruin their future. A child who is given too much freedom can become injured. Life is not safe for a child when they do not have anyone looking out for them, and every child needs to have their freedom limited in some way in order for them to live a good life. A parent who wants to keep their child safe and who wants to make sure that their child will not mess up their life in any big way must limit their freedom at times.
Children who are given too much freedom may end up having problems dealing with authority at different times in their life. Those children who grow up without having rules that they have to follow may have a hard time respecting those who try to tell them what they should do. Children need to know that there are times that they have to listen to the adults in their life, and those children who are given too much freedom will feel that they can do what they want no matter what the adults in their lives have to say. Too much freedom can be destructive as it can lead to disrespectful and disobedient children. It can lead to adults who will not listen to authority. It can lead to a bad end for various people as too much freedom makes a child think that they can do anything and everything that they want to do when it comes to the way that they live their life.
There are various ways in which a person will make decisions for their child in order to look out for them. There are some people who will give their child a lot of freedom and allow them to do what they want. Those people might feel as if that is what is right for their children. There are other people who will keep their children close at all times and think that in doing that they can keep their children safe from anything that could go wrong. Every person needs to figure out the right amount of freedom to give to their child. Every parent has to decide how much freedom is right for each one of their children. It is important for a parent to know that too much freedom can be destructive.
So, What Do You Think? Tell Us In Comment Section Below And I will Catch You in next one.

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