Married Woman Should Work ?

Married Woman Should Work or not ?

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Apr 15, 2010   #1

Personally, I believe that married women nowadays have right to take up jobs like men when employment discrimination based on gender have been erased significantly. Working outside home will bring a lot of benefits to both married woman and their household. I will mention some basic reasons as following.

Firstly, extra income that women earn will contribute to their family’s expenses. By taking up a job, a wife can earn more money to support her family life. This is really necessary in cases of her husband’s low salary and the difficulty of getting a good job at the present. So, it is a normal practice for women to be helpmates in earning money.

Secondly, working outside the house creates opportunities for married women to contact with the outer world, strengthen their character and show their capacity. These things in turn will make them more confident, independent. These women will set a good example for their children. Therefore, it is no doubt that they play roles as a mother and as a wife better.

Last but not least, nowadays, there are many supporting conditions that help women balance housework and work. Besides the gorvernment’s policies on limited families and their husbands’ sharing in the housework, many employers are willing to offer part-time jobs for women.

In conclusion, a well-organized home does not need the housewife’s presence the whole day long and married women could go to work in order to enjoy the working life outside the home.
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Apr 17, 2010   #3
The title is a question: “Do married women usually work?” This is not the same as “Should married women usually work?” Check to make sure you are answering the question that is asked.

… that married women nowadays have right to take up jobs like men, and it is appropriate that employment discrimination based on gender
havehas been erased significantly.

This is really necessary in cases
ofwhere the husband’s salary is low, or where the husband is having difficulty getting a good job
at the present.

Last but not least, nowadays, there are many supporting conditions that help women balance housework and work. Besides the government’ s policies on limited families and their husbands’ sharing in the housework, many …

In conclusion, a well-organized home does not need the housewife’s presence the whole day long and married women could go to work in order to enjoy the working life outside the home.—- Nice, you write very well in English. I hope we will soon make even more progress, so that nobody will think of housework as something the woman should do. Housework is housework. In the 21st century, men have to admit that women can do everything we can do… and oftentimes they can even do it better! 😀

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Women must work after marriage

Some one will say that society will not allow her to work, they will pass comments and say it’s time for upbringing of children and she is working so it’s mentality of the society and to change this mentality only a woman must have to work. She will gain respect.

Indian women should not work after marriage.

After getting married, women should take care of their house and their family. They will get pregnant and start having kids soon after they get married. Naturally, they will not be able to work at this time. It is more important to start raising a family than to worry about working.

Women must work after marriage

Some one will say that society will not allow her to work, they will pass comments and say it’s time for upbringing of children and she is working so it’s mentality of the society and to change this mentality only a woman must have to work. She will gain respect.

Indian women are not here for handling kids

Indian women, or rather any women isn’t present for handling children. It is both the parent’s responsibility to take care of their child. “They will get pregnant”? No women becomes pregnant without a man. A man has equal responsibility. Fyi, pregnant ladies work till 7 months of pregnancy. At the end, it is and should be a women’s personal decision and nobody can snatch that. It is a basic right.

Indian women should work after marriage.

Indian women marry at a very young age and do not get the chance to experience their life apart the family. Women should work for their passion and keep their dreams alive.For more supporting points do check out my article on “5 Benefits to Indian women working after marriage” -http://womennow.In/5-benefits-indian-women-working-marriage/

We are born with same special power every person wants to achieve our aim of life.

We talk here specially about women .Women have right to live her life happily , she do anything in her life to achieve aur aim but some people not supported women for job. These people are narrow minded and belive in orthodox system , they don’t know about women’s freedom .Not only men but also a women do job because a women do job , she know about the whole worlds knowledge that’s why job is very good suggestion for women to be intelligent .

We know that all of us created by god with same power withere it is physical or logical.

Women is not only a house wife, before married they are girl child who born & bought and observed knowledge and all social activity in the same society which are prove that women can do work after married if man can do. And marriage is a stage of life not a barrier of life. In other hand women get PhD in house management, very tough to all level of job & skill.

Women too have a life & we’re just their husband & not their creator!

Why do we always want the female sexes to sacrifice everything? Why can’t we male sacrifice the same?
Is the upbringing of there child only a responsibility of a women? The responsibly towards the child is equal on both the parents then why do we always want the wife to leave her job or take a transfer from her job?
Women too have the right to live their life according to their own wishes & wants! Isn’t leaving her house & shifting to a male’s house not enough already that we make her crib more & more!

Any married woman should haver the right to work.

I fully grasp that each country and cultures do things differently; however, in my opinion, I feel whether or not a woman is married should be beside the fact, and she should be allowed to work after marriage. Especially, if there are not children in the mix at the early stages.

More Reasons

#1. You Earn 

Financial independence and freedom can be one of the most important variables that influence the quality and quantity of a woman’s life. It can also be one of the most liberating aspects for a decent quality life and respect.

#2. You Learn 

Learning is one of the foundational pillar to personal and professional growth and life, and sky (rather your view of the sky) is the limit to what you can learn when you work.

#3. You Become Independent

You have an identity of your own – independent of your personal relationships and associations. There’s no telling how important it is in your own self-confidence and self-worth.
Read here for 9 best home based jobs that you can start now.

#4. You Proove To Be Better Employer

You are a better employer as almost all working women hire more help at home / on the domestic front – in terms of home-maintenance services, like driving /cooking/cleaning/ironing, etc. You provide an opportunity for more women to work by being a working woman yourself and make a significant contribution to improving the life of all your employees

#5. You Are Part Of Vast family

You are a part of diverse life experiences and that enriches your own understanding of yourself, people, the world and life

#6. You Connect

You connect and interact with people from all walks of life / diverse backgrounds  and that opens your mind, views, opinions and perspectives

#7. You Improve

Your general knowledge improves – just by being part of a world out of the 4-walls  you observe, listen can comprehend a lot lot more

#8. You Appreciate Equality

You appreciate the differences and nuances of the world within the 4-walls and outside the 4-walls. Trust me, this bursts your bubbles in terms of what it takes to be a working woman!

#9. Understand human behavior

You understand human behavior and how the real-world really operates

#10. Your View Changes

You get to see how fair / unfair life is beyond the 4-walls – It is Kalyug for good reasons. And that changes the way you view your own life and the way you live your life

#11. Your Self-Esteem Increases

Your own self-esteem increases significantly – you just feel so much surer of yourself

#12. You Get Recognition

Your family views you in a new light – many times, this translates into more respect and value they associate with you

#13. You Get Empowered

You are better enabled, equipped and empowered to make decisions – simply because you know that you have a choice. Read these strong women quotes for empowering your mind.

#14. You Can Shop

You can “buy” things for yourself – yes! You’re a good prospect for (m)any businesses. You pump  money into the economy and boost money circulation

#15. You Become Role Model

You can be a role model to someone – I know many of my role models are everyday working women who balance it all every single day

#16. You Learn Life Skills

You learn a lot of key “life skills”. Top among them are time management, communication, negotiation, saying NO

#17. Lear To Let Go

You tend to let-go of a lot of excess baggage – many times it is simply because you don’t have time to delve into the past or worry about the future.
Struggling with memories of your ex? Here are tips to forget someone you loved.

#18. You Inspire

You can inspire someone somewhere – just by being a live example of “It is possible, you can do it

#19. You Shop For Others

You can “buy” things for others – with fewer questions, and no / few answers

#20. You Get Life

You see life with a new lens

#21. You Realize Value Of Support

You realize the value of all that your mother and father and teachers and supporters / advocates a lot lot more

#22. You Value Time

You value time a lot more. You recognize just how little / much there is

#23. You Feel Independent

You feel more independent and make life meaningful with your independence.

#24. You Control Your Life

You are in better control of your life. Life is not just family and friends. It is more inside than outside. You learn to control your inner thoughts.

#25. You Help Family

You teach your family independence / inter-dependence

#26. You Contribute

You contribute to the world economy by being a productive contributor (in the economic world)

#27. You Value Money

You understand and appreciate the value of money a lot more

#28. You Respect Him More

You “genuinely” appreciate how life is for “him” – as he is the one who is usually working for the long haul.
If you are a couple, do read these love quotes for him to make his every day wonderful.

#29. Your Family Prospers

Your work will directly / indirectly play a significant part in your off-spring

#30. You Leave Legacy

Chances are you will leave a richer legacy (financial and otherwise) for your forthcoming generations.

It does not matter what works she does
It does not matter where she works
It does not matter how she works
It does not matter how long she works
What matters is that SHE WORKS
Today, tomorrow and the day after

Why Women Should Work outside the Home:

1. You will be happier and satisfied person:

Most of us believe that relentless effort of balancing between job and family properly can cause severe stress and depression for working women.
Contrary to this concept, several studies and researches have proved that working women and mothers are less stressed out and anxious than non working ladies.
While working ladies enjoy a happier state of mind, stay-at-home women have to deal with more depression and stress. The studies also have shown that the mental health of sit-at home ladies improve significantly when they start working outside home.
According to a psychological study, women who continued job after motherhood showed no sign of stress but ladies who had to quit job after having baby experienced increased level of psychological distress.

2. Improved sex life:

Confidence in workplace endows women with self assurance and peace of mind which helps to make their sexual life good.
According to psychologist, when you get appreciation for your good work from co-worker and higher management you feel good about yourself. When you find yourself desirable, lovable and confident, your sex life is bound to be excellent.
The recognition from outside world gives women a sense of accomplishment and this confidence helps them to play the role of a better sex partner on bed. There is no appreciation and recognition for non working women who spend all the day getting bored at home.

3. You will enjoy a happier marriage:

Contrary to the belief that working women can’t have a happy married life because they juggle between family and profession, recent studies have shown that dual earner couples have the highest marital satisfaction and quality. So one must first understand all about the dual career couples.
When you have something to focus on except your home and husband, the chances of your marriage is likely to flourish more. If you bring some extra money home, your partner will feel lees financial pressure, allowing him to be more relaxed.
In case of stay at home women, they don’t have anything to focus on expect family reasons and husband. Their husband may feel suffocated with this extra concern at times, leading to tension in relationship.

4. You serve as role model to kids:

A successful working woman who balances her professional life and family with much aplomb has a great impact on their offspring. Their effort of balancing both family and job indirectly plays a significant role in the life of their kids.
When your kid notices that his or her mom is managing everything, from office to their homework, with sheer dedication, they get inspired by them and your kids start to follow you as their role models.
A stay at home woman who is sad with her life cannot be a positive influence or role model in her kids’ lives while a working woman with a sense of accomplishment can always serve as a role model for her children.
Seeing your dedication and confidence, kids can get inspired to do something meaningful in life and also you can imbibe some excellent work ethics into their children.

5. Financial independence:

Financial independence is the most important factor that controls the quality of a woman’s life. It is the one of most liberating aspects that you need to lead a quality life with respect.
When you are financially stable, you can bear your own expenses, you don’t need to seek money from your partner.
Earning money will give you sense of accomplishments and self identity, allowing you to evolve as a better and independent human being.
Sit at home women often suffer a feeling of guilt, they might feel ashamed asking for money from their husbands or father. But when you are earning, you are free to spend it wherever you want.

6. Can Support Family Financially:

Being financially independent you can not only support your family but also you can give your kids a better future.
If husband loses his job or leaves his wife alone, the financial security of the lady and her family is jeopardized. But if you are working and capable of earning bread and butter for you and your family there is no need to worry.
Last but not the least a dual income of husband and wife brings financial stability, allowing them to enjoy a better life together.

7. Better old age:

The problem of lack of satisfaction and dullness experienced by non working ladies becomes severe as their kids get older. With time kids will get older, start working and need privacy.
As they will have their own family, friends, they will not able to share enough time with their mothers. At this phase of life, stay at home women may find themselves isolated, alone and empty.
On the contrary, working ladies with a successful career enjoy a good life where she has an array of sources to find positive reinforcement outside the home.
Working women will see life with a new lens and with a bigger prospect, while the lives of stay at home ladies circle around their family and husbands.

8. You have an identity of your own:

Your identity exists outside of being a wife, a daughter and a mother. It is seen that once a woman gets married or becomes a mother, she totally loses her own identity and individuality.
Having your own self identity in this society is very important for your own growth and confidence. Whether it is your personal relationship, association and financial issues, working ladies are independent to take their own decision.
Working outside home helps ladies to maintain and develop their sense of self. Women who don’t have their identity may face a tough time letting their kids having their own space.
According to study, if raising a child is a woman’s only goal in life, everyone suffers including the child and woman. If you have your self-identity, you feel confident and satisfied. This confidence inspires the girls to break stereotypes and achieve something bigger in life.

9. You can build stronger social connections:

Being a wife or mother you might have busy days, constant companion but still you can feel extremely lonely at times. The life of stay at home women circles around their family members and kids, they don’t get a chance to interact with people from all walks of life.
Working outside home or doing a job, allows you to connect with different people from diverse backgrounds. Interacting with different people opens your mind and broadens your perspectives.
You start to see life with a broader perspective and you become less judgmental. Your general knowledge improves; you observe life beyond the four walls. It also helps in improving your personal and professional growth.

10. Working gives you a bigger sense of purpose:

The purpose of a woman’s life doesn’t vanish with marriage and motherhood. If their purpose beyond playing a good wife or a mother is left unfulfilled, most of the women feel unsatisfied.
If you are unsatisfied and unhappy how can you keep your family happy?
Working full time gives you a bigger sense of purpose and personal fulfillment. Having a life of your own and enjoying it on your own terms is very important for every individual.
Working women have a life beyond their family and kids, which gives them a sense of self accomplishment and fulfillment. Your self-esteem increases considerably – you feel satisfied with yourself.

11. You will raise stronger kids:

The bad-effects of over-parenting is known to all. When it comes to stay at home women, the chances of over-parenting is likely to be higher as kids become your only focus.
As working women spend most of the time outside home, their kids tend to be more self sufficient, active and responsible.
Working outside home not only gives women financial independence, sense of self fulfillment, but it also helps them to evolve as a better person who is knowledgeable, confident, happy and sees life with wider lens. And in turn all other persons related to her including kids and family members experience a positive effect.

12. Women Rights to Work:

Like others, women also have right to engage in productive employment, and no one can prevent them doing so.
Working for livelihood or any other purpose is a human right. Women make up an essential part of our economical fabric; still their work is not valued and appreciated.
In many industries, women workers are subject to sacking for having kids or getting married, even they are refused their rights to regular working hours and equal pay. Sexual violence, gender discrimination, non working environments are also too common challenges that women working have to face.
Despite of all these challenges the number of working women at work are increasing day by day in every industry. Policies and regulations are made to protect women from unemployment and safeguard her right to work, allowing them to have their own identity and respect in this male domination society. But government alone can’t do all, the mindset of people specially men needs to be changed.
A woman should have a choice to do a job or not to. Like men, women also have right to work and no one is allowed to refuse this right to her. Employers should take a wise step to bring gender equality at workplace.
If a woman wants to work and be independent, her family should support her without any criticism. Working equips her with knowledge and empowers to take right decision. Making women a part of the workforce is beneficial not only for the organization but also for society.
Men and women complement each other, so when these two work forces work together a better result will produce for sure. Having a purpose in life makes them understand that they have life beyond motherhood and playing a good wife. A woman should work for the betterment of herself, her satisfaction and happiness

5 Reasons why Women should Work after Marriage

Probably one of the most debated questions in almost every household in a country like ours, this question is something that decides the status of a woman after she gets married. A lot of people believe that women shouldn’t be working after getting married and think that they have a strong reason to believe so. The reason, however, is the age-old belief that people work only to earn enough to sustain a family and if the man of the house is capable of the same, then the woman shouldn’t step out. Well, let’s tell all those people how times have changed and why women should work regardless of their marital status.

Learning new things

The best part about working is the process of learning that comes with it. It is rightly said that a person never stops learning and this comes true when a person interacts with different people every single day. You could learn things about people, about your own work, or life in general. The point is that as long as you’re alive and healthy, there should be something that drives you. Let that driving force be the quest for knowledge.


Confidence can be developed only after stepping out of your comfort zone. Your workplace is one of those places that push you to be more confident every single day. You learn more, achieve more, get challenged and then work towards overcoming that challenge. This makes women, whether married or unmarried, confident enough to take decisions in life and stick to them.


The more you get out of your home, the more you will be exposed to the world and its vastness. You interact with all sorts of people, you get to know about the world, your general knowledge increases and you start understanding the nuances of the real good and bad in life. This all comes only with experience. You need to go through it to understand it, or you could choose to live in oblivion all your life.

Financial Independence

The best part about working is that you can buy whatever you want to without having to ask anyone. It is one of those things that you would just enjoy doing, you don’t need to ask for money, you are your own boss. This also shows that women can be a great help and a support to their partner in terms of finances. Together, a couple can earn enough to have a good life and can raise their kids without having to worry about the money.

Gain respect

Apart from all the above, you gain respect, your own and your family’s. You become an individual whose opinions matter, who is capable of taking the right decisions. You have a say in the house and people respect you for being worldly wise and knowledgeable. You start looking at yourself in a different light and you become sure of yourself. And that is the best things that could ever happen to anyone. In the end, respect is all that matters to a person.
Living in the 21st century, I believe that it is time we moved on from these issues to something that is bigger and more important. Working or not working after marriage is only a matter of choice of the girl and nobody else should have anything to do with it. Working doesn’t mean that a girl doesn’t want to be a part of the family, it just means that she wants to have a career too. It means that she wants to be a girl who can balance her work and family, she wants to be able to give the right upbringing to her kids while she makes a place for herself in the world. She is ready to take the challenge head on!


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