Is China Threat to india ??

Is China Threat to india ??

Yes, we Indians should admit the fact that China is an threat to India.
Let me state reasons for them sector-wise

China and India got a new government around the same time. But China’s economy liberated in 1978, when India just came out of the emergency horror. China with a poor failing economy compare to other Asian nations was in a bad situation in late 1970s, and the then leader Deng Xiaoping pushed an open-market concept increasing 70% contribution of private sector to the economy by 2013.
India is the seventh largest economy in the world, with a capitalization of $2.25 trillion. Indian economy was liberated after the major economic crisis our country faced in 1991.
China moved on to become a manufacturing hub of the world with a breakneck growth for 25 years, making it the second largest economy in the world with a capitalization of over $11 trillion. It is the largest economy in the world in terms of PPP, where India comes third.
India is expected to become the third largest economy by 2025. But still we would be at a distant from China in terms of economy size.
China is built on manufacturing sector while India is built on the software sector.
Economy size speaks a lot in the world domain
  1. Indian currency is a market determinant currency. When the world’s second largest economy decides to devalue its currency, it is going to affect all nations in the world especially India because we import a lot from China.
  2. Oil consumption is the second highest by China, thereby determining the prices and demand of oil in the world. So our economy sensitive to oil prices will be affected if China embraces alternatives effectively.
  3. India is a dependent economy unlike China. United States and Europe is our major export market for software. Most of the software developed in India is outsourced by these companies based in US and Europe. If we lose this market due to various factors, our economy will be on our knees as India’s service sector contribution to the economy is close to 50%.
  4. China is less dependent economy. The government can take bold decisions which can help the country survive in crisis situation as it isn’t a multi-party system like in India. Cheap labor will keep China going on and on.
We Indians are dependent on China economically only on the manufactured goods. If Make In India takes off as both the nations have considerable illiterate worker class population, India can replicate what China had done in manufacturing sector in 1980s. Today only 20-25% of our economy is dependent on Manufacturing sector, which means we are dependent on services a lot. A balance must be created to minimize the threat not only from China (in manufacturing) but from the West World (in software — Who knows many more Trumps may head successful nations in the future).
Over-dependency on China for fabricated goods makes us more vulnerable to any adverse condition. We export software to the world (including China) but not directly as major software companies in India are outsourcing giant rather in-house developed companies. China also has an significant educated work-force, motivating them to develop new software systems.
You might argue we are living in the world of globalization, but over-dependency and imbalance in any sector isn’t good for any country (including some developed countries which import everything)

With Pakistan arguably as an ally of China, India is under threat from China on the borders. With lack of a buffer (Tibet) India had in the 19th Century, India is vulnerable to Chinese attacks.
We have three border disputes with China namely
  1. Aksai Chin
  2. Arunanchal Pradesh
  3. Sikkim (only 1 km at the tip)


     1. China is continuously building highways between Xinjiang region and Tibet through Aksai Chin. It no more considers it a disputed territory and is expected to lay more pipelines, roads, etc… through Aksai Chin.
     2. While this might not be of much worry, the horror is that we consider Tibet is highly inhabitable for normal life to persist. Any business interests would not bear a sweet fruit.
Despite being landlocked region, China has developed infrastructure to trade goods to Russia and Europe through Xinjiang and Tibet, thanks to an single party regime in China since 1949, helping them take bold decisions.
     3. Seven year ago, China had completed the Qinghai-Tibet railway line by which Qinghai connects to Tibet’s capital (Lhasa) has reduced travel time considerably from Beijing. While railways would prove beneficial for the population in Tibet and Xinjiang, but China is extending its reach by developing rail links.
     4. China has extended the rail network from Lhasa to Kathmandu through the Sino-Nepal friendship treaty, thereby increasing its access of China to India’s borders.
China is developing rail links to the Sino-India borders such that it reduces travel time from Beijing. This is an concern to India as India doesn’t have sufficient infrastructure to reach the borders through rail or road links.
On the other hand, China is sitting as a dagger on the Siliguri Corridor. If they manage to cut-off the link, North East would be completely isolated from the India’s mainland.
India recently became the 4th largest defense spender in the world with a yearly spending of $50 Billion, just behind USA ($600 Billion), China($191 Billion) and UK ($53 Billion), but we are just importing arms from the other nations rather developing them. Just increasing military spending won’t make us more militarily strong. Shashank Kamath’s answer to Is India’s military modernizing faster than that of China?
The answer is no. Indian army is not modernizing fast as China because of two reasons: – One because we spend less on defense, and secondly we are spending on the wrong thing: – importing arms rather producing them in-house.
Final Take:-
India is under threat from China. If India wants to be at par with China, it needs to develop better military force and stronger economy. People just told India is under threat, but no one told how can India improve its situation. This can be done by
  1. Promoting skilled labor in the country by investing heavily on infrastructure.
  2. Reduce imports by developing products in-house.
  3. Promote Research and Development in Arms and Ammunition development in India.
  4. Promote alternatives to oil for running vehicles, trains and electricity grid such that we are isolated from variation from oil prices.
  5. Improve connectivity to the Sino-Indian borders.
  6. Making India an dependable manufacturing hub (Quality) over China (Quantity).
  7. Reduce dependencies on cities like Delhi and Mumbai. Delhi is very prone to natural calamities and if a nuclear war happens, Delhi would be finished. Shashank Kamath’s answer to How will India become a superpower while it doesn’t have a single world class city?

The answer is divided into 2 parts :

The reason
The relationship of China and India will form the basis of the 21st century.

It is evident that India and China are vying for the top spot in the race of development. Hence the competition is natural. Despite the huge economy of China, it still has a lot to achieve. And U.S. and RUSSIA being the two established military powers, it constantly needs to update its military to increase its influence. Increasing military capabilities is directly linked to ecomomic gains, control on natural resources, having geo- political advantages.India is the only contender to China’s role of the next centre of the world.

The threat

After the revolution in China, the driving force has always been country’s interest. The moral code , the concept of right and wrong is secondary to the supreme interest of nation. There has been no problem in sacrificing the interests of a few for the benefit of many. As a result China has grown steadily at a robust speed.   Not only with it’s own citizenery but also with its neighborhood and wherever necessary, China has tried to impose its will. Which has lead to many conflicts, to name a few like with Vietnam, Taiwan etc.

Now as India and China  are contending for the same piece of bread ,conflicts are inevitable. There are even theories which say that China purposefully tries to stoke border tensions to start a skirmish. Such a skirmish will give it the chance to test the proficiency of its armed forces(which last saw action in 1962 war , which India lost badly)  and also build up nationalism in its people because it is the unity of people which drive a Communist framework. Geopolitical and ecomonic interests may end in a faceoff on the battlefield. The chances of a full blown war are very slim, but skirmishes are not improbable.

Hence military preparedness is must so that we can protect our own interests.

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Economically speaking, 
Although India has a robust computer industry, China’s economy is a lot more advanced. Furthermore, the centrally controlled government of China can make bold policy decisions without having to consult the electorate, as in India. In fact, China is a threat to every single nation in the world. World shatters into pieces every time China devalues its currency. While Modi’s ‘Make in India’ is doing rounds now. Everything is being made in China, it is like the manufacturing hub of the world.
Can India compete with China? Yes, India is still an emerging economy, no one really knows the true potential of India. China’s economy is slowing after over 25 years of breakneck growth, even if India being a democracy grows at 7.5% and China at 7.4% that would be a major thing.

Strategically speaking,
China has gone on war against India while Indians were singing “Hindu-Cheena Bhai Bhai”. While there is a PoK there is also a CoK, in the Chinese maps, that have been reprinted by many in the global media, Chinese-Occupied Kashmir (Aksai Chin) is not even marked as disputed territory. Chinese are proposing building roads, pipelines, and suchlike projects through Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) and PoK, which India considers its sovereign territory.But there is no imminent threat from China.
Is India weak? Absolutely not. India is a nuclear power and has world-class missile program. China would never dare do, what it did in 1962.

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India and China both are the representatives of developing nations at the world stage. Both the countries are economic back bone of Asia along with Japan, South Korea and Singapore. While China is already a permanent member of security council and has veto power, India is fighting for this respected place for a long time now.

China and India got independent almost at the same time and maintained a good relation until the Sino-Indian war took place in 1962. It is a matter of debate that what exactly triggered the war. There were few reasons like India gave asylum to Dalai Lama when China acquired Tibet by force and Nehru’s forward policy. After this war, Pakistan took the advantage of the situation and solved the border issue with china in a hurry and hence the Indo-China relation never got stable.

Now china is one of the strongest country both economically and militarily just behind US. While China is supposed to overthrow US as super power in near future, India have been the fastest growing economy for the last couple of years. Also India is not far behind china militarily. So both the countries always lock their horn when it comes to water territory, when it comes to investment in neighbour countries and when it comes to India’s aspiration of permanent membership in security council.

The fight is not being fought militarily, in fact it is being fought strategically. Both the nations are trying to lead the Asian economy.
In short, China and India is not a threat to each other but direct competitor to each other.

Firstly, china has a Policy called an Expansionist policy. Therefore, china had a border issues with all neighbour countries. From a past 2000 years, India and china has no border issues. Because until 1940’s, India shared the major part of border with Tibet, perhaps not a china.

World Map during the period in 1940’s

The above map shows that Tibet is an Independent country. Morever, Tibet is a peaceful country, So there has no chance of border issues between Tibet and India.

World map during the period in 1950’s

The above map shows that china annexed the Tibet as a part of china. Though, India has a new neighbour country “china”in the place of Tibet.

Notably, Briain is the only country recognized Tibet as an Independent country to prevent British india border from China. So china did not invade Tibet during British India rule.

After india independence, China decided to Invade Tibet and China invaded Tibet with aggresively. Meanwhile, No country condemned during china invasion including India. Britain and other super power countries were silenced during invasion. because,they know, after china invasion of tibet, China’s next turn was India. But the problem is that Nehru didn’t aware about the trap and supported the Chinese invasion of tibet. Eventhough, Iron man of india sardar vallabahai patel asked Nehru to stop the china invasion of tibet. But,Nehru replied that china has a full rights in tibet & china is our friendship country. Further, Sardar vallabahai patel replied to nehru and warned that china is our future enemy.However, Nehru didn’t care about sardar vallabahai patel words. In 1962 , china declared war against india and invaded some indian territories. Therefore, Nehru’s has realized that he was wrongly underestimated china.
In my point of view, congress is a threat to India. Because, Rahul gandhi doing the same mistake like nehru by supporting china and opposing BJP bold move against china’s threat.

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No, China is not a danger to India, but the west wants us to believe so. Divide and rule policy of the west prevails till date. Both India & China are among the world’s oldest civilizations and there were no history of confrontations except from 1962.

Mao imported the foreign ideology of Communism into China. He was responsible for annihilation of 78 million people in his own country, how can you expect him to respect the historical Indo-China mutual peaceful existence status quo of thousands of years.

As an Indian, the only problem I have with China is their support for Pakistani terrorist organization leader Maasood Azhar. Maasood is responsible for bomb blasts in Indian heartland and heads a terrorist organization with motive of hurting India.

Here is my message to China :

  • You say that India has given refuge to Dalai Lama, whom you see as an agitator, so its okay for China to shed Maasood Azhar. It is a prejudice of highest order to equate Dalai Lama with Maasood Azhar. One is an armed terrorist declared by the world, who is wanting to wage a jihadi war, other is a messenger of peace wants freedom for the Tibetan people.
  • Secondly, you accuse India of shifting our foreign policies and being bedfellows with US. Please understand, this has happened because you and Pakistan have become bed partners. So, if China proceeds to have military ties with Pakistan, India is bound to have ties with Vietnam, Japan and US.
The biggest beneficiaries of Indo-China enmity is the west. The west is responsible for the creation of Islamic terrorism, took millions of lives in Africa, responsible for genocide of the native Americans, slavery of blacks for hundreds of years, great Bengal famine, used atomic bomb on dense civilian population and the list goes on. People of India & China must understand who the actual evil is and work independently towards uplifting their people, without crossing each other’s paths.

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The Chinese manufacturing juggernaut is a great threat to India as it opens to global market forces. India’s manufacturing is grossly inefficient and prices too dear.  Once the railway through Lasa is extended to the border Chinese goods can pour in if Modi wants to shake up India’s manufacturing.

India must reform urgently and exploit her natural advantages to become a dynamic world competitor. Open up a ‘road and belt’ with China to join the world’s two biggest markets.  Chindia can once again become the manufacturing and trading giant of the world as it was before the European Industrial Revolution. India, jia you!

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China has always been compared to India in terms of population and technological advancements. China undoubtedly has a humongous software market, but is definitely not a threat.

  • India has its own unique power and intelligence.
  • Indian IT companies have captured Asia and Japan as well.
  • India is becoming one of the world’s largest internet and mobile user’s country.
  • India’s mobile market is growing by leaps and bounds.
  • Most countries prefer employees from India rather than China because of communication barrier. English is spoken by almost all IT industries in India.
  • India has a large consumer and industrial market, all thirsting for products, with great brands and distribution networks.

There is no doubt that India may take many years to have a market like China.
  • China has a huge population. Moreover people there are advancing each passing day.
  • China launches new mobiles, technologies, automobiles almost everyday.
  • China’s automobile industry is much bigger than India’s. it can therefore serve quality products at lower cost.
  • China has a string support from the government. Indian IT industries have negligible support.
  • China launches many products like gadgets etc everyday. Because of this they can sell them at a cheaper rate.
  • China’s market cannot be a thread untie India considers and works on each opportunity that comes its way. It should efficiently make use all possible resources and infrastructure to welcome foreign investment and manpower hiring.

, lives in India

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I’d decline the very idea that china posed a threat to India. China is a developing country and have developed at very rapid pace. They are in the race of establishing themselves as developed country and then super power. They also don’t consider India as a threat. India being a democratic country have had stable government for a very long time and being a neighbor it is good for them. However, they are competing against US in every aspect. We indian should also focus on other aspect of our life for development instead such question. If you ask any chinese, what do you think about chinese position against border issue with India. Most of them, didn’t know even such issue existed . Only the handful of hardliner chinese will be voicing their hegemony. So chill, first  lets make India sufficient with drinking water, electricity, road connection,  etc etc.

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China and India got a new government around the same time. But China’s economy liberated in 1978, when India just came out of the emergency horror. China with a poor failing economy compare to other Asian nations was in a bad situation in late 1970s, and the then leader Deng Xiaoping pushed an open-market concept increasing 70% contribution of private sector to the economy by 2013.china

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China may be the only country which has border disputes with all its neighbors.

Till now China is silent because of its economic interests but still they are trying to enforce and ascertain  their claim in those so called disputed lands by regular intrusions. Only thing India is doing is to show plank and talks though diplomatic channels.

Till now China has denied Visa to people of Arunachal Pradesh calling them their citizens, giving stapled Visa to people from Kashmir, its involved in many projects related to PoK and have armed Pakistan with missiles and nuclear arsenals. In fact Pakistan will not be such a big problem without China’s support. Not only that China is also making its presence felt in Sri Lanka, Maldives and other neighboring countries surrounding India.

We should not forget that China has a communist government which give them added advantage to make decisions on whim.

To counter China we need to decrease economic dependencies on China. Work on our defense (yes arm race) and take symbolic gestures to show that India will not tolerate any bullying.

ina’s governance is unduly expensive along many vectors. So is the West’s.

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India’s primary threats are internal, and include illiteracy, rampant coruption, cultural conflict, and poor infrastructure. China’s self-interest requires a serious tilt away from exports to the West, and a re-engagement with trade opportunities closer to home. India can benefit from China’s prowess on the hard side (high-speed trains), as well as on the softer side (social management). Whether its own corruption will permit synergies to develop with China is a separate issue.

Originally Answered: Is China a threat to India?

China is not only a threat to India, but to all its neighbouring countries.

How ?

China has border conflicts with 20+ nations . This is a land-related dispute. China acquires land forcefully from weaker nations, whereas with stronger countries like India, it doesn’t act directly.

Indirect Revenge of China :
One example of indirect revenge is china’s support to Pakistan in its nuclear program, economic boost policies and strengthening terrorists.
Other considerable elements :
China dumps its goods to its enemy nations, that contributes to slow-down sales and profit of local manufacturers of the latter. Thus leading to economic imbalance.

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Yes, China is a strategic threat to India from a short time (10-20 years) perspective.  However, on a long term basis, China and India are complimentary to each other because both are ancient civilizations and there exists history of admiration and exchange between these two countries.

China is a threat to India, to the world and to its own citizen. Hope that sums it up as there’s really not much to be said of a nation that is actively provoking and challenging the world, with it’s activities in south china sea and supporting rogue nations like Pak and N Korea. The govt of china is a sure threat to this planet.

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China is  our  neighbour.Hence,China and India  are separated  by a  border.However, China   regards its  international   border  with India as disputed.With  this  view, China  wants to re fix  the  border.If the current border   between India and China is re fixed  as per  Chinese terms,then it  Ok  for  China.Or China will  not  be   threat   to India.

I think they will become closer – much friendlier, actually.

Both are developing well. The Chinese economy is gaining momentum and much of Asia’s economies are dependent on them, and some Western countries too e.g. Australia.

India’s got a massive middle class population that is growing steadily and some countries like Australia are dependent on this middle class to come along and save our economy lol, and China’s population they’re ageing, and so I guess this might be the weak spot, however, economically, they are getting very strong. I think they’ll work together actually to counter each others weak spots.

In my perspective, I see them working very well together – they might encounter some difficulties, but it’s about time the East was on top, and I’m sure they’ll put their differences aside to get to the top.
I should’ve gone a little deeper, and I might but a lot of people have said some good answers so far, so I’ll leave it here.

, Been to Kashmir.

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I would say China is a stiff competitor rather than an enemy. No doubt along with Pakistan China forms a strong formidable front which may in future prove to be a huge economic competitor (along with the security concerns we already face from them)

China Pakistan economic corridor holds huge significance for both china and pak and in future may prove to be a real concern for us, however it is important for us to have cordial relations with both Pak n china inorder to emerge as a real power in Asia n world.

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, former Developer at Banking

Indian are threat to India not china.

The indian should learn to live corruption less life. Should believe in dignity of labour. The caste and religion based politics should be ended.

many more to go ….


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